Lil Boosie Speaks Out Before Going To Jail

Posted: Monday – November 20, 2009

During his last few hours before heading off to prison on drug charges, a Baton Rouge rap artist sat down and talked about the decisions he has made and what is ahead for him.

Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch was sentenced to a 10-year prison sentence. Hatch pleaded guilty to a third-offence marijuana possession charge and later violated his probation. He wants people to know there’s a difference between the music he makes and the life he lives.

“They’re treating me on who they think I am,” Hatch said. “They judging me on Boosie Bad Azz, not Torrence Hatch.”

For Hatch, the music has not stopped, it’s simply been faded, for now. The rappers jail sentence was doubled after he failed to follow a judges orders. Hatch was on house arrest, but chose to leave his home more than once. He says he was sued by promoters for missing his concert dates and feared that missing more shows would send him into bankruptcy.

“I had to go do these two shows these last two days to feed my family,” said Hatch.

The 26-year-old rap artist and father of seven, with one on the way, admits he’s no angel. Hatch tends to do things his way. Sometimes putting himself in sticky situations. His wrap sheet includes marijuana possession, weapons charges, resisting an officer and aggravated battery.

“I blame it on myself,” said Hatch. “Because things I did I wanted to do. Trouble is easy to get into, but it’s hard to get out.”

The night before he went in to prison. Hatch revealed his fears and concerns about being behind bars, and away from his children. “I won’t be able to see my child born, yea that hurts,” said Hatch.

Dripping in diamonds, shinning on the outside, for Hatch, deep down things are dim. Raised in what some might call a dark place in South Baton Rouge, Hatch warns others about the dangers of the streets.

“School is the first thing,” said Hatch. “Once you stay in school and make up your mind you want to be somebody, the negatives will go away. And stay away from negative people.”

Walking through his home, you could feel the adulation. Hatch surrounds himself with family and friends. He says with good people around him he feels protected. But without his loved one nearby in prison, Hatch says it will be extremely difficult.

“If I made a mistake with marijuana, why am I not eligible for rehab? I’ve been on marijuana since a teenager. I need some rehab. Jail is not rehab.”

Radio personality LaTangela Sherman with Max 94.1, works closely with artists. She says to some people marijuana is not considered a drug. Sherman agrees that Hatch does need rehabilitation. And hopes the time he spends in jail will serve as a wake up call. So that he is able to come out a stronger man, stable father and a role model to his many fans.

Hatch agreed to be interviewed because he wanted to let his fans know that he’s staying strong and they should too.

He is expected to serve about two years behind bars, with five years of probation once he gets out. Hatch is currently serving his time in the Winn Correctional Center in Winnfield, LA.

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