Alchemist Discusses Eminem’s Next Album

Alchemist dropped some hints about Eminem’s new material recently.

The MC and producer was not at liberty to reveal a huge amount about Em’s next drop, but he did say that the album would be pushing into “further territories”.

Alchemist said that “Relapse” and “Recovery” were purely a warm-up compared to what Eminem will be treating fans to shortly.

Speaking of Em with admiration, he said that this album would be an adventurous drop, and that it would see the Detroit MC performing at his usual high standard.

“That’s my boss. I deejay for him and I’m not at liberty to speak on much, but you know his calibre and what he does,” the rapper said during an interview with RapFix. “Clearly going to further territories. I think what you would expect, especially after the last go-round. I think he was just getting his feet back on Relapse and then Recovery just came with the smash hits and everything and I think now — he’s Eminem. It’s just a blessing to even be in that type of circle.”

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