Is Murda Mook Up To A Battle With Eminem?

Murda Mook said that he wants to battle Eminem, think he can really beat a “rap god?”

After taking home a win Saturday at Total Slaughter, Murda Mook has his eyes set on defeating its creator Eminem. “I’ve been saying Em from the door. For the last five years I’ve been saying, ‘Y’all have to go get Eminem for me. You have to.’”

The Harlem MC made it clear that he’s in no way coming at Eminem by challenging him to a battle. If anything he’s respecting Em’s lyrical skill.

“Em is my favorite rap dude. It’s no disrespect at all. This is just admiration, want to jump in the ring with a n***a that I feel like is incredible. Somebody I feel says things I would never possibly think of saying. I can’t say,” said Mook. “His mind is way different, so for me to have to challenge myself to be able to try and meet that and take it higher.”

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