Pretty Ricky Declare Independence

Posted: Monday – July 6, 2009

Group Enjoys Success After Brake from Altanic Records
Single “Tipsy in Dis Club” Is Number Two Most Added at R&R

Miami, FL – July 3, 2009 – Fresh on the heels of their split from Atlantic Records, Pretty Ricky has announced that they will not pursue another major label deal, choosing instead to release their new CD through their own indie label Bluestar Entertainment International, Inc.

The announcement comes just days after the group’s single, “Tipsy In Dis Club,” the first release from their self-titled third CD, was the number two most added song at R&R and third most added at Media Base.

Group member/producer and Bluestar President Diamond Blue Smith said the success of the single, which is “blowing up the same way it would if it was released by a major,” is due to the group’s grassroots marketing approach and the support of their loyal fan base. “We’ve been hitting all the cities, all the DJs, all the little clubs. When we were signed with a major, we never had the opportunity to hit the clubs.”

Diamond Blue says he and his fellow group members, Slick ‘em and Spectacular, look forward to “going back to basics” and introducing fans to their new member, Pittsburgh, PA native Lingerie.

Diamond says a release date for “Pretty Ricky” will be announced in the coming weeks.

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