Ludacris goes into real estate

Ludacris has decided to go into real estate, flipping houses etc.

The new trend amongst rappers seems to be entering the real estate business. First Kanye and Kim flipped a house in Bel Air, California with ambition to remodel and sell more. Now, it appears that Ludacris is getting in the mix.

Luda flipped two of his West Los Angeles condos that he bought in the early 2000?s. The Atlanta rapper sold one for $830K-good enough for a $160 grand profit–and another at a loss of a few hundred grand. The MC recently made a move into a $4.8 million Hollywood Hills  home and still owns a multi-million dollar house in Atlanta.

Luda is still finding success in music with his latest single, “Party Girls” but is also facing a child support suit for his babs’s mother.

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