Jay Z won’t talk about “big pimpin” copyright lawsuit

Jay Z is not willing to even acknowledge a lawsuit that was put on him back in 2011 for illegally sampling a song.

While Jay Z continues his “On The Run” tour with his wife Beyonce, he is still combating numerous issues coming from all different angles. Asides from the cheating allegations, he’s also been a target for copyright issues pertaining to his chart topping single, “Big Pimpin.” According to RadarOnline, Jay Z is refusing to sit down and answer questions regarding the lawsuit, resulting in the man suing him, to file for a deposition against him and Timbaland.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2011. Osama Ahmed Fahmy is suing Jay Z for illegally sampling his father’s song, “Khosara, Khosara”, after he had licensed the record.

Hov insisted that he had done his due diligence alongside with his label, as far as obtaining the proper license was concerned. After failing to give depositions on June 10th and June 25th, Fahmy is persistently working on getting Jay Z and Timbo to sit down for questioning in hopes finding closure to the situation.

Radar obtained copies of the paperwork and it reads as the following:

“Defendants do not come close to sustaining their heavy burden of showing why they should not be deposed.”

“Defendants’ position on the issue of discovery of profits is also specious. In a copyright case, such as this, a defendant is required, as a matter of course, to disclose information regarding its revenue related to the infringing work.”

The court hasn’t made a decision as of yet.

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