Odd Future Explains Teen Beating

The Cali collective have given their version of events, following reports that they were responsible for assaulting a teenager.

Odd Future were accused of beating up a 17 year old fan at a December 8 concert in San Antonio. However, according to OF, the teen started to altercation.

According to the group the teenager, Chassan Rasagi, threw the first punch. OF have also launched a series of screenshots from Rasagi’s Twitter account. In the tweets, he brags about beginning the violence, and about the money he will receive from suing OF. He also boasted about getting on TMZ.

The teenager (aka DJ Bam Bam) described the events following the brawl in a number of tweets.

“@DJBAMBAM_ I give you props even tho u swung 1st those lame ass niggas suck I would of had your back. Probably would of got my ass beat too.,” he retweeted.

“@Palms_420 @rjis2turntup @odddtodddler I’ll remember to send you a picture of the check when I get it,” he added.

Comments about his appearance on TMZ followed.

“So in a little bit My Attorney & I will be giving a statement to Tmz.”

“So I’m on Tmz?”

“So I’m starting my own Clothing Line…. New T-Shirts will be droppin tomorrow.”

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