Hip Hop Is Being Used To Fight Crime In Fort Myers

It’s a unique take on a common problem; combating crime with loud music.

Over 600 kids went out to the Harborside Event Center on Saturday night – where hip-hip was blaring for a good reason.

If you tally it up, in the last month Southwest Florida has seen over 10 shootings. That’s on top of multiple robbery; many involving teens. Music with a Voice wants to end the violence. They say actions speak louder than words.

“It’s hip-hop and it’s a good way to bring youth in,” said teenager Joseph Nievs.

But the music that played Saturday night by Christian rap-artist Andy Mineo was more intense than both.

“I think it’s very important to have the youth entertained by something,” said Nievs.

The 16-year-old thinks that’s saying something. Nievs believes the streets are no place for kids.

One teen was murdered in Lehigh Acres just weeks ago. Another man – who wasn’t even 30-years-old – was shot and killed in Cape Coral last month. Both were scenes Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott has gone on record saying were most likely linked to drugs.

It’s crimes like these that the found of Music with a Voice says he is working to prevent.
“This is mainly for the youth of our city. To try to give them a positive atmosphere, and they can listen to positive music. And possibly change their way of thinking and the way they maneuver throughout their days of life.” said Ernesto Martinez, founder of Music with a Voice.

The group is starting with hip-hop groups like i-Tunes sensation Andy Mineo; whichc kids say was recruited straight from the streets.

“There like guys who’ve been part of gangs. They used to do thinks like have people at gunpoint,” said Isaac Gonzalez, Jr.

The musicians are an example and someone these teens can relate to.

All money raised through the concert is funneled back in to putting on more events like this in the future.

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