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Posted: Monday – October 19, 2009

AKON has criticised his ex-girlfriend after she threatened to take their dispute over child support payments public by running an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times. Farrah Coleman, who has one child with the singer, claims her legal team has been trying to serve him with court papers but has been unable to contact him. She threatened to run an advert in the L.A. newspaper on Monday (19Oct09) to serve him publicly, with her lawyers reportedly set to seek a default judgement in the case if the Senegalese star failed to respond.

But Akon has now fired back at the allegations, insisting his schedule is public knowledge and Coleman’s lawyers could have contacted him at any time. He tells, “You got a hold of me and you ain’t even trying. I’m a celebrity. My schedule is on the internet. You can go on my MySpace (web page), it’ll tell you where I’m at!”

Source: Drewreports

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