Jay-Z Loses Restaurant Court Battle

Posted: Friday – January 15, 2010

While Jay-Z shakes off Illuminati and New World orders rumors, he’s also reeling from a recent loss after losing a lawsuit with a restaurant in England.

Jay and his Roc-A-Fella Records entity took the owner of Newcastle, England restaurant “Rockafella” to court in 2006 claiming that patrons would affiliate the establishment with the music label.

Now four years later, Terry Miller the owner of Rocafella has come out victorious and has been awarded rights and trademark to the name.

A judge from England’s Intellectual Property Office ruled in favor of Miller saying that the public would be more likely to think of the famous Rockerfeller family if they encountered either the record label or the restaurant.

Miller was also the winner of popular reality cooking show “Hell’s Kitchen” which funded the restaurant until its close in September of 2008.


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