UPDATE: Nelly Tour Bus Busted For Drugs

St. Lunatics rapper Ali comes to Nelly’s rescue by posting a conversation that the two shared about a recent traffic stop in Texas that could’ve cost Nelly big money and even bigger problems.

Ecstasy, heroin, weed and weapons were found in Nelly’s tour bus. Ali who happens to be one of Nelly’s best friends took it upon himself to prove the Apple Bottom’s creator had nothing to do with the drugs being brought onto his tour bus.

Nelly was detained in Texas and one of his roadies was booked for bringing a large amount of heroin, weed and a loaded weapon on Nelly’s tour bus.

Ali took to Facebook to set the record straight as he posted his conversation with Nelly revealing the rapper didn’t know about the drugs or weapon. The roadie later identified as “Big B” was traveling with a locked duffel bag that of which contained ecstasy amongst other illegal substance mentioned above.

The authorities were able to link the bag to “Big B” because he was carrying the key to the bag.

Nelly was clearly upset as he told Ali, “I can take nigga’s out the hood but I can’t take the hood out the nigga!”

Now, Nelly is left feeling unappreciated and that he shouldn’t extend such opportunities to friends because they don’t understand how their poor choices can affect his business and career. Fortunate for Nelly this was all figured out and he is able to move on using better judgment about who to bring along for the ride.

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