Snoop Dogg Is The Face of Hot Pockets

Snoop has added another brand to the list of products he has advertised.

This time, Tha Doggfather is appearing in a Hot Pockets advertisement. The West Coast rap legend will be parodying his own song, Drop It Like It’s Hot, for the commercial.

Snoop Dogg has already lent his face for such diverse advertising projects as Monster Energy Drinks, Colt 45 Blast, and Adidas. Now, according to a report from ABC Radio Online, the rapper will be the spokesman for Hot Pockets.

The advertisement sees the Long Beach MC taking part in a 3 minute long joke music video. The advert parodies the rapper’s own 2004 video for the single, Drop It Like It’s Hot, featuring Pharrell Williams. The title has been ingeniously altered to Pocket Like It’s Hot.

Snoop has also issued a statement to promote the advertisement campaign, and revealed that Hot Pockets are a favorite in his own house hold.

“Hot Pockets are irresistibly hot and I thought this was a great digital campaign,” Snoop said. “Hot Pockets have always been a favorite in my house, so this project was something that I felt I could really get behind. Plus, we had a great time coming up with the remix.”

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