BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ – Serve & Collect Vol. III

With the release of many rap albums lately, it is easy to forget what the game is missing. The Southern sound is the most distinctive around and adding to that sound is the new release from the eight member crew Boss Hogg Outlawz. They are back to add Serve and Collect Vol. III to their series repertoire. The group, led by Houston’s own Slim Thug, brings their Texas flavor to tell you how they do in the H-town. The album is filled with the South’s signature style of laid back beats and rhymes that spit the reality of everyday life as they know it in the hood.

The album gets started with the track What Up, which is a shout-out track to all the people that had their back and sending thanks to their followers and fans. Each member gets a chance to show their appreciation to those that held them down along the way.

The bulk of the 16 track album though mainly has that Southern street appeal as they represent and talk about getting money, which is reflected in the songs Bang and Top Of The World. They seem to sum up what goes on everyday in the streets. They continue this theme with Anybody Can Get It as each rapper rhyming seamlessly over the simple beat as they defend their hood.

Boss Hogg Outlawz bring their signature beats that the South is known for with Shut Your Hood Down that takes you back to those old Swishahouse days. The album takes a reflective mood as the crew show love with Helping Hand and No Moe Pain and then moves on and back to their familiar sound with Turn My Knock Up, Murder and Roofless, the track titles speak for themselves. The album ends with the song Get It, which seems to tell the hard work that was put in not only in the business but in life.

Job well done to the Boss Hogg Outlawz for continuing to keep the South on the map. Although the album consists of the more street aspect of the hood, that’s what it’s really all about out here not only in the South. One can appreciate someone that rhyme about the realities of everyday just to deal with it a little easier.

Standout Tracks: “Anybody Can Get It”, “If I Don’t”, “Fucking This Game Up”


1. What Up
2. Biz
3. Top Of The World
4. Concrete
5. Bang
6. Anybody Can Get It
7. Shut Yo Hood Down
8. If I Don’t
9. Helping Hand
10. No Moe Pain
11. Fucking This Game Up
12. Hogglife
13. Turn My Knock Up
14. Murder
15 Roofless
16. Get It

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