Lil Wayne May Have Sentence Extended For “Infraction”

Posted: Friday – May 14, 2010

The rules are just that, and meant to be broken by no one, no matter how much fame and fortune a person has.

For Lil Wayne, the discovery of an MP3, a charger and headphones may have landed the rapper in deeper trouble as there are reports that his actions may cost him extra time on the Island.

Regarding it as an infraction, or a violation, the next step is solely dependent on the level the infraction is when he goes to trial. It has already been rumored that his job as suicide prevention aid could be in jeopardy as well.

“Level one is the worst. Then you have [level] two or three. [This infraction] could be a level one. He has togo on trial, and based on evidence, they’ll make their determination,” according to arepresentative from Riker’s Island, speaking with MTV.

And all the man wants to do is make some music…let’s keep our fingers crossed for the best.


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