Luvelli Says It Best About Miley Cyrus’ Performance At The VMA’s

The controversial Fine Artist Jon Luvelli said it best regarding all the ranting about Miley Cyrus’ performance last night at the VMA’s. 

This is what LUVELLI said earlier today on his Facebook page:

“The song, “We Can’t Stop” is very well produced and the lyrics are written properly for the effect desired. Her choice for this change in style/acting is spawned by the need to recreate herself. It’s hard for someone growing up in the limelight, most of the time they just fade out. This was a career move and is nothing but her way of creating a niche for herself.

The same type of controversy was caused by Elvis with his “thrusting pelvis”. George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”, and many others. It’s entertainment, and no other artist has the right to judge. They only have the right to their opinion.

The business side of the industry has always been in control, this is nothing new. No need for anyone to complain, it just fuels the fire. The best thing to do is have a cup of tea and smile.”

This is genius and it sums it up. If you agree with Luvelli let us know what you think by commenting below. See his original post at the link below.


Twitter: @LUVELLI 

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