Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne’s New Video ‘Krazy’

If you already thought Lil Wayne had a few screws loose, then you’ll be pleased to see that he takes things to a whole new level in his video for “Krazy.”

“I’m not talking about being crazy in the song, I’m just talking about being me, and a lot of people view that as crazy so we just wanted to capture that and have fun with it,” Lil Wayne explained, laughing at himself.

For this Carter V video release, Weezy teamed up with director Colin Tilley once again and they took some inspiration from a literary/cinematic classic.

“We talked about putting Lil Wayne in a psych ward and I definitely took some inspiration from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” just as far as the look and feel for it,” Tilley said. “It’s more of the psychological trip that Lil Wayne’s going through in this place.”

Psychological and downright scary at some points. Go behind-the-scenes in the video below.

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