50 Cent’s Wild Response To Instagram Follower

50 Cent is no stranger to controversy. Besides getting in his fair share of beef with Slowbucks on social media, the G-Unit rapper is now going off on followers.

Fif received backlash from followers yesterday (July 27) when he posted a picture of his young son with the caption: “This little guy makes me smile till my face hurts. #SMSaudio” In response to the photo one follower went on to question Mr. Animal Ambition’s relationship with his oldest son Marcus, while another questioned if he was a strict parent.

Pissed by the feeback, Fif went off and said “B*tch don’t talk to me like you know me. The boy 18 years old if he wanted to talk to me we would speak. Go suck a d*ck if you ain’t nothing to do.”

The comment has sinced been erased.


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