50 Cent Calls French Montana The “New Ja Rule”

Rapper/entrepreneur 50 Cent has promised to put an end to French Montana’s career. “I’ll put him completely out of business,” 50 said of Montana.

In an interview with Peter Parker, 50 Cent said that French Montana was the “new Ja Rule” for “running his mouth prematurely” and trying to “compete” with him. “He’s really not ready to compete on any level with me,” 50 said.

Earlier in his career, 50 had a notable feud with Ja Rule. The dispute seemed to have a negative impact on Ja Rule’s career while actually helping 50 Cent’s career.

“Montana had one song and you didn’t even care about it cause it had him on it,” Fif told Peter Parker. “There was four other people on it. That’s your new Ja Rule right now.”

This past October, French Montana made comments about 50 Cent “sabotaging” his own career through his beef with other rappers.

“I feel like beef hurt him,” Montana said. “I feel like it helped Rick Ross unite people.” Montana then commented on the decline in sales of 50′s albums.

50 Cent took exception to the Bad Boy rapper’s comments with a rant on Twitter. “French Montana, you ain’t Sh!t boy.” He then continued on about Montana being too “weak” of a rapper to have any songs on his own. He always has other artists featured because according to 50, “Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse.”

50 is still engaged in other disputes with rappers such as former G-Unit member Game. In October, he and rapper Fat Joe put their beef behind them to tape a tribute to fallen Hip Hop mogul and Violator founder, Chris Lighty, who shot himself in the head this past August.

Earlier Thursday (November 29) morning, 50 commented that the only rapper whose opinion he respects is Eminem, MTV News reports. The New York rapper will not take criticism from anyone else.

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