Kanye West Didn’t Know Who Max B Was Before ‘Waves’ Controversy

French Montana stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss quite a bit. One thing he revealed is the fact that Kanye West didn’t even know who Max B was when all of the drama surrounding him allegedly biting the waves/wavy movement was coming about. French said Ye is also in another tax bracket so his ears are probably somewhere else. French Montana said he didn’t want to get in the middle of the feud between Ye and Wiz Khalifa because he is friends with both. He also says he didn’t take Kanye’s actions as negative; he actually believed Kanye previously wanting to call his album ‘Waves’ was a compliment and a form of flattery. French thought is was all cool because he viewed Max B as being ahead of his time. French also said when everyone was attacking Kanye, Ye didn’t really get it because he didn’t know who Max was. Well it looks like Kanye is trying to help Max get out of jail now. Do you really believe Kanye may not have had any idea of who Max B was?

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