Floyd Mayweather Jr Said He Slept With T.I.’s Wife

Floyd Mayweather Jr Claims He Slept With T.I.’s Wife Tiny

Just when you thought things had died down between T.I. and Floyd, things just got kicked into high gear with some scandalous claims during a recent press conference, stating his problems with T.I. really stemmed from him sleeping with Tiny. During the press conference in Washington D.C. for his upcoming rematch with Marcos Maidana, Floyd was asked about his dust up with T.I. to which he replied, “F-ck the b-tch. He just mad I was f-cki– his b-tch.”

The boxer and the rapper came close to throwing hands inside a Las Vegas Fat Burger, back in May. The reason for the altercation reportedly had to do with Floyd and the Kang’s wife Tiny. Things had remained dormant for the last two months. Now, comes this. Check out the video below.

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