5 Things An Artist’s Website Should Include

Let us help you build your artist page, here are some tips to get you started on what you will need.

5 Things an Artist’s website should include

1. “1 Click subscribe buttons”

On the main page of your website I should be able to follow you, subscribe to your youtube channel and like your Facebook fan page at a click of a button WITHOUT leaving the page. This should be very visible and most likely the first thing I see at the top of the page. Less clicks equals more conversions. You can get creative with this but “Less is more” in this situation. Most social media platforms offer a 1 click sub button you can insert or get placed on your site. Your web tech should be able to get that set up for you with little to no problems.

2. “Contact Page with working contacts”

It’s not cool to have a contact page on your site that has out-dated phone numbers and email addresses or one’s that aren’t checked. Your an artist! The contact points you want to include in this area are to your manager (if you have one) or accurate active information. Stray away from contact forms for two reasons: 1. They are known to be an access point for hackers and 2. Do you really know where those emails are going once submitted? Have you been getting so much spam that you overlook actual important mail.

3. “Have at least 5 High Quality Photos”

Make it as easy as possible for graphic designers and/or people who book you to acquire high resolution photos of you. You want to add value to any promotional materials you may end up on not to mention it looks (and is) very unprofessional to be a major artist with no usable images. Try to aim for images that are at least 1000 pixels. On your “Photos” tab on your website you can include a .Zip file that includes these High Res images and label it: (Download high resolution images for promotional use).

4. “Main Page Importance”

When anybody lands on your main page of your website they should see the top 3 most important things you have going on right now. Your latest single/News, Purchase/Store link, and Venue/Show announcements. Make it very visible maybe with an image to draw attention to it. These can be clickable links because you want people to be able to choose actions to do on your site with minimal effort. Minimize everything that you can to only need 1 to 2 click throughs to get to the end result of the initial click.

5. “Download made Easy”

Make all of your downloadable material as easy to download as possible. Using third party sites that don’t include “Ad filled” download sites are a plus. You should have your own hosting plan (which I highly recommend) but, if you don’t currently have one stick to well known easy to download sites to put your music on that don’t require any login or personal information to receive the download.

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