Ying Yang Twins Make New Track Dedicated To Miley’s Ass

Miley Cyrus is God’s gift to twerking … at least according to the Ying Yang Twins who wrote an entire song about her booty-shaking greatness — and Gutta World has the track.

Kaine and D-Roc told us, they were inspired to make a tune in Miley’s honor after learning she was a fan via Twitter — and due to her transition from Disney princess to a derriere-popping powerhouse.

They tell us, “Our fans have been starving for some authentic twerk music. Seeing that Miley Cyrus wants to show the world she is grown by twerking, we decided to give her a little help.”

You can listen to the lyrics yourself, but here are a few gems:

Do the Miley Cyrus rock wit it
Wiggle wiggle jiggle jiggle shake that shit
All the niggas saying can she take that dick?

Freaky bitches shakin ass on the pole
Do the Miley Cyrus bitch and get low

Miley Cyrus, ooh she wildin’
The way she shake her ass keep a nigga smiling’

With her camel toe she steal the show
Put her pussy in yo face like a freaky ho

Now, heeeeere’s Miley (and her butt):

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