White Guy Punched Over His Rap Music

Posted: Wednesday – July 28, 2010

Florida police say they are sorting out an apparent hate crime in which a white man was allegedly attacked for listening to rap music.

A 14-year-old juvenile has been charged with the misdemeanor and a hate-crime enhancement for allegedly punching a 22-year-old man in the face during a confrontation on a street in Palm Bay.

Florida Today said Wednesday the victim was listening to a rap tune at the time and was told by the suspect to knock it off.

Police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said the suspect allegedly told the victim “white people shouldn’t listen to rap music.”

“(The victim) then told them that he could listen to any kind of music he liked,” Martinez said.

After a brief fracas in which the youth’s friends allegedly egged on the combatants, police were summoned and the teen was hauled off to Juvenile Detention Center.

Police did not release the suspect’s name or his ethnicity.


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