Posted: Thursday – November 3, 2009

Usher, everyone’s favorite Atlanta bred crooner, is set to blast back onto the music scene with his upcoming Raymond v.s. Raymond album.

Along with the new material, Urrsher’s remained busy adding new entrepreneurial endeavors to his resume. His latest concoction is a new fragrance called ‘Usher VIP’. ‘Usher VIP’ follows behind his self titled ‘Usher’ cologne that was a top seller nationwide.

The new fragrance is said to:

“Reflect a person who is constantly striving to be the best, allowing the wearer to enter a state of mind where smart is sexy and intelligence rules the day. It’s having the presence and the confidence to make an impact, and ultimately to unify and defy the odds to lead, not follow.”

Already available in stores, the multi-platinum singer is kicking off promotion for the product through a new commercial. He traveled to the French Riviera to film the commercial directed by famed filmmaker Pierre Morel, the man responsible for the movie ‘Taken’. The television spot shows Usher and his female companion being chased by paparazzi through the streets of Monte Carlo.


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