UPDATED: Leona And Her Attacker!

Posted: Thursday – October 15, 2009

Details have emerged about the incident when singer Leona Lewis was punched in the face by a fan at a book signing yesterday. The ‘Bleeding Love’ singer was autographing copies of her new book ‘Dreams’ at a shop in London’s Piccadilly district when the 6ft 5in man attacked her. The man, who is not from the UK and is known only as Peter, waited patiently in line to speak to Lewis. When he reached the front of the queue he lashed out, after which five of Lewis’s security team jumped on him and pinned him down. As Lewis, 24, ran away, Peter shouted: “I love you Leona!” She responded: “I don’t love you!” Witness Emily Rose said: “It was horrendous. She let out a piercing scream and grabbed her temple. Security piled on this guy and Leona just started running.”

Fan Steve Caris added: “This bloke looked like a nutcase. He really walloped Leona. She must have been in agony.” Lewis’s mother Maria and boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa accompanied her to the event, and he had to be physically restrained as he attempted to confront her attacker. Sharon Osbourne, who was a judge on Leona’s series of the show, had little sympathy for the attacker. She said: “He should have the shit kicked out of him for that. She is the most lovely, genuine person ever. If I saw him, I would kick the shit out of him. Lewis was immediately taken to London’s Harley Street Hospital where she was checked for concussion. She was due to appear on a UK TV show in the evening, but pulled out as she was too upset. A source explained: “She’s very shaken. She keeps asking why anyone would want to hurt her. Leona’s the sweetest, most mild-mannered girl. It was like kicking a kitten.”

Peter has been arrested on suspicion of actually bodily harm, and Lewis is believed to be keen to press charges. Simon Cowell, who mentored Lewis when she won the 2006 series of UK TV talent show ‘The X Factor’, has called the star to offer his support. Lewis’s spokesman said: “Leona is obviously shocked after yesterday but is OK. She would like to convey her thanks to everyone for their kind messages and support.”

Source: DrewReports

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