UPDATE: Too $hort Addresses His Vegas Arrest

Too $hort became an Internet punchline after footage surfaced of the veteran hip hop star attempted to flee the police after he was asked to take a breathalyzer test for suspicion of D.U.I. The rapper stumbled and fell, which made it easy for the police to catch up to him and take him into custody. In an interview with Shade 45, $hort joked about the embarrassing incident.

“I just ran all the way out to Miami, man,” Short joked. “I had to get the hell up out of LA. I only got one thing to say, man, if I would have hit that corner, y’all would have seen a whole different Short you’ve never seen. If I wouldn’t have tripped, you would have never seen me. They’d have had the helicopters out on the morning news — it’s one thing y’all don’t realize though. I was across the street from my house. I was about to run home.”

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