Posted: Thursday – March 4, 2010

Trina’s personal cell phone was not as valuable as the photos inside. On Monday, the 31-year-old, Miami bred rapper, told the media that the photos of her floating through the internet were from her cell phone, stolen at the BET Hip-Hop Awards ceremony.

Trina, whose government is Katrina Laverne Taylor, is more than upset about the breach of her privacy. According to, some of the photos leaked include Trina crying, an image of a skin rash, and a couple of shots of her ex-boyfriend Kenyon Martin.

Let’s not forget the nude photos that are now, nearly impossible to find on the net. This might be due to Trina’s contact with the FBI, an attempt to catch the unknown suspect who boosted her phone.

Trina told MTV that some of the photos were not taken from her phone but uploaded by the suspect to make the photo collection more enticing.

Emotional, Trina told the media that the photos were her “personal stuff,” and it was unacceptable for the suspect to make them public. She described the skin rash incident, saying that she only took the photo to show her dermatologist what she looked like after she had been at a particular recording studio for a few days, possibly exposed to something that triggered her allergies.

By Ness

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