Watching Snoop Dogg Talk About Walruses On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Is Hilarious


Jimmy Kimmel has summoned Snoop Dogg once again for his services. He didn’t ask Snoop to perform. Nope, he asked Snoop to come on back and educate the world on nature and its beautiful creatures.

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Snoop Dogg and yo gotti to star in music documentary


Snoop Dogg & Yo Gotti will take their talents over to the film world. The two rap stars will be featured in a new documentary entitled, Take Me To The River.

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Snoop Lion Goes Scottish


Snoop Lion, the hip-hop star formerly known as Snoop Dogg, is planning to infuse some financial investment in Scottish Premier League team Glasgow Celtic. The rapper expressed interest in investing after watching the team beat powerhouse Barcelona in a recent Champions League play. Snoop called Celtic’s victory over Barca “a big deal”, adding that he admires the passion of the club’s fans.

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Have We Outgrown Hip-Hop?


When hip-hop legend Knowledge B. Born headed to the stage to finally receive his Hip-Hop Lifetime Achievement Award, he clutched in his right hand a speech written in graffiti that he had wanted to deliver for years. He planned to put the entire audience of rap superstars on blast for destroying the culture he helped create. But, when he looked into the faces of a room full of rich kids half his age, who were either half asleep or busy textin’, he just crumbled up his notes, said “Ya’ll keep doin’ your thing,” and left the stage. Leaving the crowd whispering amongst themselves, “Who was that old dude…”

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Snoop Dogg Is The Face of Hot Pockets


Snoop has added another brand to the list of products he has advertised. This time, Tha Doggfather is appearing in a Hot Pockets advertisement. The West Coast rap legend will be parodying his own song, Drop It Like It’s Hot, for the commercial.
Snoop Dogg has already lent his face for such diverse advertising projects as Monster Energy Drinks, Colt 45 Blast, and Adidas. Now, according to a report from ABC Radio Online, the rapper will be the spokesman for Hot Pockets.

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Nelly Busted For Drugs


Rapper Nelly was detained near the Mexico border after cops uncovered a loaded gun and drugs stash on his tour bus. US checkpoint officers found dozens of sachets of heroin and a duffel bag containing over 4.5kg of cannabis during a routine stop on Wednesday evening in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Shockingly, a loaded .45 caliber pistol was also discovered amongst the drugs. But police eventually released the Grammy-winning rapper and arrested one of his seven-strong entourage, who took responsibility for the items.

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