Hell Rell Accuses Jim Jones Of Stealing Royalties In Lawsuit

Posted: Wednesday – September 9, 2009

The beef between former Dipset members Hell Rell and Jim Jones has landed in court in a new lawsuit against Jim Jones and a number of record labels.

Hell Rell, born Durell Mohammed, was a member of Cam’ron’s Diplomats crew, which at one point featured Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Hell Rell, Max B and others.

The lawsuit, which was filed in New York County Court, claims that Jim Jones, Koch, Tycoon Entertainment Babygrande Records and E1 cheated him out of royalties.

Hell Rell signed with Koch/E1 in 2007 and released one album for the label, Hell Up in Harlem.

That album was followed with 2008′s Black Mask, Black Gloves, which was released via the mom & pop label, Babygrande Records.

Hell Rell recently expressed his grievances with his former group members, claiming that Jim Jones and Juelz Santana ruined The Diplomats.

Santana has defended himself and Jones against any wrong doing, claiming Hell Rell needed a Diplomat reunion for financial reasons.

Hell Rell recently inked a deal with Money Maker Entertainment/EMI to release his third official album, Live From Hell.

Live From Hell is due in stores October 6.

Source: Allhiphop.com

BREAKING NEWS: Max B. Sentenced To 75 Years

Posted: Friday – September 4, 2009

Harlem, New York rapper Max B. was sentenced to 75 years in prison today (September 3) for his role in a botched robbery that led to a double murder in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel.

Max B., born Charly Wingate, appeared in a Hackensack, New Jersey court today with co-defendant Kevin Leerdam.

Max B. and Leerdam were convicted on charges of felony murder, kidnapping and armed robbery for planning and robbing Allan Plowden and David Taylor at a Holiday Inn in September of 2006.

Taylor was shot and killed during the robbery, which was planned with Max B.’s ex-girl friend Gina Conway, who testified against the pair during their June trial.

Max B. was not happy with the situation and fired his attorney Gerald Saluti, just before the 75-year sentenced was handed down.

Leerdam received a life sentence, plus 35 years for his role in the murder, while Conway is facing an 18-year sentence today.

Source: Allhiphop.com

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