Master P Pays For Slain 12-Year-Old’s Funeral


Master P has stepped forth to cover funeral expenses for 12-year-old Ray Etheridge, who was stabbed and killed by a 21-year-old homeless man earlier this week, reports WLKY News.

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C-Murder Granted Temporary Release


Incarcerated former No Limit Records rapper C-Murder has been behind bars since 2009, as he is serving a life sentence for 2nd degree murder. But the TRU member was released briefly over the weekend to attend the funeral of his grandmother. Born Cory Miller, the rapper was granted leave from Angola State Penitentiary to attend the services, where his brother, No Limit founder Master P, and nephew, actor/rapper Romeo, were also in attendance.

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Master P Sued For Over $240K Over Unpaid Fees


No Limit Records head honcho Master P is facing a lawsuit from former employees, who are seeking over $200,000 in unpaid fees.

The charges stem from Master P’s 2003 movie Uncle P, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. A group of people involved in the movie were never paid, although they already won a lawsuit in 2005, but P never paid up.

Master P is just one of many rappers that are facing legal and financial lawsuits lately. The man once reported as being worth $600 million is being sued for $240,000 and pushed into bankruptcy court.

The case was taken to U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles, with the goal to push Master P, born Percy Miller, into bankruptcy so that an independent trustee will manage his assets.

Police Presence At Master P. Show Had ‘Racial Overtones’


The head of a local NAACP branch in Terrebonne, Louisiana, has criticized the amount of police present at a Master P. concert last night (April 27th) in Houma, Louisiana.

Almost 40 police officers from Houma and Terrebonne’s Police Departments were out in full force in bulletproof vests at the City Club, where Master P., Mystikal, Romeo and others were performing.

The Narcotics Task Force and a SWAT team was parked nearby, in case the other 40 officers needed additional backup for strictly for the show, which drew about 100 people to the venue.

According to the police, they were there due to other spring break events taking place around the area, but local residents rejected the notion, because of the police’s concentration in front of the City Club.

“It had racial overtones,” Jerome Boykin, head of Terrebonne’s NAACP told The Houma Courier. “When you have white rock groups come to town you don’t have this much.”

Master P. and No Limit Records are slated to celebrate their 20th anniversary on May 1st at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas.


C-Murder Believes Master P Is Sabotaging His Murder Case

Posted: April 9, 2010

If a person can’t look to his/her family, who can he/she really trust when the chips are down?
With C-Murder trying to work on an appeal for his murder charge, he is becoming strongly convinced that his brother, Master P, is doing nothing but further hurting his chances of being released from prison.

After stating that he alerted Murder of the consequences that could come about from his particular moves in life, Master P added that his inability to surround himself with positive people landed his brother in such a situation.

“When my value system changed, I have to go out and live for my family and say ‘Man, look, if you hanging out there with these thugs, I’m out here with my kids.’ This is what I love because my kids are gonna be there for me in the end.”

The saying goes to be mindful of the company that one keeps as friends aren’t always out for everyone’s best interests, which only hurts the team in the end.

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