Two of the West Coast’s biggest players get together for what’s suppose to be a dream come true for many West Coast fans. Underrated MC Glasses Malone and veteran O.G. Mack 10 come together to release the collabo Money Music.

The opening track Everybody Gotta Go finds Glasses in an intense situation as he plays the role as a gangsta. This is a great intro and looks to be a sign of good things to come. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is a bunch of fill in songs with no concepts and awkward Dirty South beats that have no business being there.

The lead single on the album Money Drunk, featuring Red Cafe and Jah Free, is one for the streets. Glasses uses his husk raspy voice to prove he’s boss, Red Cafe spits some cleaver words to make the track more entertaining. Mack 10 shows off his solo skills on Extra Extra. The track also features singer/rapper Boobie Soprano.

Got It Like That is a nice effort. But Dear DEA, featuring Richie Rich, is a smooth filled track that will qualify as cruising music. The duo try to switch things up by showing some diversity on Girls Everywhere. The song is definitely for the clubs. But ultimately it fails due to the fact that it just didn’t match. West Coast artist’s on a Dirty South beat usually don’t go well. Other tracks like Back II Bizness, Clint Eastwood, and Love Letter just don’t blend well. It seems as if they hand picked some tracks to fill the album.

Simply put, the album is a let down. But for Mack 10 who has been in the game for almost 20 years, this won’t stop him. And for Malone who is still considered “new” by many fans, he’ll have to come harder on his next attempt to get the recognition he badly deserves.

Standout Songs: “Everybody Gotta Go”, “Money Drunk”, “Dear DEA”


CHROME BOSS – Spaceship Status


Dallas, Texas native Chrome Boss is from out of this universe, literally. While he reps D-Town to the fullest, his sound and style are totally from a planet somewhere far from this universe. The youngster finds a common spirit in DJ White Chocolate. Together they combine to present Spaceship Status. The 16 track mixtape highlights Chrome’s intricate, spaced out flow, over similarly out of this world production.

The tapes intro Can You Feel Me gives you everything that you need to know about the Texas newcomer. While his peers rhyme about money, hoes and clothes, he takes us through the mind of a young man who’s preoccupied with a little bit more than that. Riding a bouncy southern type track produced by Snizzy, he drops lines like, “Maybe I should rap about cars, girls and money/ Cause if I rap about Jesus you might look at me funny/ So here I go/ This is my soul” giving you a glimpse of that extraterrestrial mind.

Similarly Spaceship Status takes us back into space with bars like, “Rims shining so hard that they’ll hurt your eyes/ Ray Charles status now he feeling blind/ I press on the gas and my car flies by/ Spaceship status, I’m on the moon high.” The track sounds like it was delivered straight from Mars, replete with a bouncy drum pattern and sound effects to match.

Chrome switches up subject matter for Fly Away where you find him opening up about his earth bound love. He describes their love as, “We in different state of minds/ We both up there/ Two hippie lovers you should breathe our air…hippy love you can say we’re both groovy.”

After the first 6 tracks you get the theme of the mixtape. Chrome Boss is in another zone from other emcees and reminds people that while he make look like them, his mind and style are from another time zone.

Time Machine is a testament to that. On this track we find Chrome Boss taking a look at his life from 30,000 feet in the air. He talks about his mother raising him without a man in the house with lines like, “Now, I’m higher than Aladdin and the carpet that he had/ Thinking bout how my mom raised a son without a dad/ Hold up, I’m getting carried away/ They don’t want to hear the real so they stick with the fake.” Produced by Ryan Hunt, he gives Chrome a different sound from the bulk of the rest of the album that’s produced by Snizzy.

His freestyle to the Kanye West Power showcases his lyrical ability. “I’m telling down worry I’ll help you find the way. I tell them don’t worry ‘cause I’ll help them find the way/ Somewhere out of space heading to another universe/ These niggas watching me like they got U-verse/ They don’t want us to have all that power/ But keep stacking money/ Counting seconds minutes even hours/ But we’re gonna keep fighting ‘cause we say the worlds ours.” Spitting about gangs fighting over territory, and natural disasters, Chrome spits like he’s looking at our world from a perspective 100 years into the future.

Overall, the D-Town youngster makes a great attempt at standing out in the game. His futuristic speech and persona doesn’t go over anyone’s head and his lyrics won’t blow you away, but you can hear potential in his style. Maybe a few more years down here on earth will ground him enough to make his music really out of this world.

Standout Tracks: “Spaceship Status”, “Time Machine”, “Power”, “Can You Feel Me”, “Trippy”


1. Can You Feel Me (Prod. By Snizzy)
2. Drops For Spaceship Status Mixtape
3. Spaceship Status
4. Fly Away (Prod. By Snizzy)
5. Alien Eyes Feat: K.I.A (Bouns Track)
6. Voices (Prod. By Snizzy)
7. Alien Predator (Prod. By Lil Dino) Bonus Track
8. I Go
9. Time Machine (Prod. By Ryan Hunt)
10. Crazy (Prod. By Snizzy)
11. Cant Come Down (Prod. By Arjae Knox)
12. Already Gone (Prod. By Snizzy)
13. Trippy (Kid Cudi/ ChromeO’Zone Version)
14. Power ( ChromeO’Zone Version)
15. Cry No More (Prod. By Demo)
16. Cant Stay feat: Abstrakt (Prod. By Johnny Juliano)

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