Ray-J Apologizes To Flo-Rida For Being A Cocky Ass Clown

Posted: Friday – April 16, 2010

“I meant no disrespect to Flo-Rida, he’s a cool dude….”

Ray-J is stepping back from statements he made against rapper and rumored boyfriend of his sister Brandy, Flo-rida.

As previously reported Ray was quoted on the first episode of his “Family Business” reality show saying that Flo Rida was a “sucka” for not offering to pay for his sister’s outfit to The Grammy’s.

Now however Ray J’s retracting that statement and says the media is blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

Ray J posted a video blog to apologize and he says he meant no disrespect,

“ There was some things said about Flo Rida in the first episode that people I think are blowing way out of proportion …I meant no disrespect to Flo Rida he’s a cool dude always has been to the family. I’m on here right now to kill all of this nonsense that the media’s trying to portray…”

Uhhh yeah.

Check out the rest of Ray’s heartfelt apology below.

Way to run scared man up and apologize Ray.

Way to go.

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