Rap Beats & Your Career As A Rap Artist

How these work together to make you the best rapper you can be…

In order to use the proper rap beats to help you as an artist, you should first understand the role that a rap beat plays in your songs. The rap instrumental is like a color on a paint artist’s palette. It is one of the elements that is important in filling up the empty space in the background of the painting.

Think of the beat as the sky and trees in the distance of a painting. You as the rapper, are the main focal point of the painting. You are the house, boat, person, or whatever is the most prominently displayed image in the painting, and the beat is the background that helps the main image stand out.

When these 2 elements are married to one another on the canvas, then a beautiful and complete work of art is formed. The same goes for you as the rap artist and the rap beats.

The rap instrumental can sound hot by itself, and the rapper can sound hot by him/herself. But when these two elements are married to one another, it becomes a double-hot masterpiece.

The beats and the artists must know and play their roles.

Picking Rap Beats that Fit Your Style……and the mistake that a lot of rappers make

In order to properly pick rap beats and hip hop beats that fit your style, you must first have a good understanding of your style. Sometimes, rappers spend so much time listening to other rappers, that they can have an identity crisis of their own style, and accidentally copy the style of the rappers that they listen to all the time.

As a result of this, many rap artists will pick hip hop instrumentals that are similar in style to the beats of their favorite rapper. This is fine, but sometimes your voice or lyrics may not fit with that particular beat for that particular song.

Now let me specify that it is still a good practice to listen to music, and there are plenty of places that will let you listen to music online for free. But it should be used as a reference to hear what type of sound is current in the industry, and to add different tools to your own style.

In order to really understand your own style, you should record yourself a few times, and then sit down and really listen to yourself coming out of the same radio that you use to listen to other artists. You will be surprised once you find how much you either mimick another rapper, or you will be surprised to hear how truly unique your rap voice is.

Different beats are meant to accomplish different feats. For example, you wouldn’t want to rap about bein’ in love with a girl over a rap instrumental that sounds like a hard street beat. But many rappers make these mistakes all the time. Now understand that there are some cases where these type of creative experiments can work, but it is the exception and not the norm.

For more info on this, check out my other article about How to pick the right rap beats, hip hop beats, and r&b instrumentals

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