Prosecutors Say Chief Keef Violated Probation

Prosecutors argued in juvenile court Wednesday (October 17) that 17 year old rapper Chief Keef belongs in juvenile detention for violating his probation, The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

The rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, is on probation for pointing a gun at a Chicago cop.

The probation bans him from having any guns, any illegal drugs, and associating in any way with gang members.

The young rapper, prosecutors argued, violated his probation in June when he recorded an interview for Pitchfork at a gun range in New York. In the video, Chief Keef can be seen with a rifle, which is indeed a clear violation of his probation.

It should be noted that Pitchfork did pull the gun range video from their site, but it was too late. Chicago prosecutors had already seen it.

According to his probation, Mr. Cozart was also given a deadline for which he was required to get his GED. He did not get his GED by that deadline, prosecutors argued, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

After hearing the prosecution’s arguments, Cook County Juvenile Court Judge Carl Anthony Walker decided to hold a hearing next month for both of the 17 year old rapper’s probation violations.

Earlier this summer, Chief Keef made headlines for tweeting that he wanted to smack fellow Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco and for mocking the death of slain Chicago rapper Lil Jojo also via Twitter. Keef claimed his Regarding the Lil Jojo comments, Keef claimed his Twitter account had been hacked.

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  • Ronin_84

    This retarded PoS pointed a gun at a cop and is still alive?! All he got for that was probation?! He already got his gang to murder a kid, he should have been killed right there when he pulled the gun – another Sh#t-stain on the world continues to live.

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