mo’ money more problems?

Yung Joc explains why making forbes list was causing more problems for him than pleasure.

In this video above, Yung Joc explains why he thinks that making forbes list was causing more problems than pleasure.

Yung Joc proves having a large amount of money doesn’t always make life easier. The Atlanta rapper and producer made the 2006 Forbes List for Richest Rappers at the #20 spot with $10 million. In a recent interview, Joc recalls why the aftermath of making the list was one of the “worst” things ever. “That was the worst thing that could have ever happened for me,” Yung Joc said. “That Forbes list shit. You had people who may have come to me and asked to borrow $1,000. And where I was able to give them $1,000. After that shit came out niggas was hitting me like ‘Damn, my nigga, I asked you for a stack. You could have gave me 10.’ What? You know what I’m saying? People was looking at it like ‘Damn, you been short changing me all this time. Damn, my nigga, you asking for deals and shit. You asking for me to show you some love and give you the hookup. And you made 10 million?’ It made people really upset with me, dog. I never seen no shit like this in my life.” Yung Joc, who’s recently been dealing with marital issues, attributes most of the earnings to touring. He remembered making about $50,000 a night, which included a combination of shows and appearances. “By the time ‘It’s Going Down’ had took off I was on like two, three tours at one time,” Joc said. “Going to a city and you do a daytime show for some kids and these people pay you 20, 25,000. And then at night you do the arena for the adults…And you talking about you look up and I’m getting 30,000. It’s like 50,000 in one day. You do the math. It really wasn’t hard. But just as fast as the money was coming, the money was going because you still had to promote yourself. I feel like that’s why I was successful the way I was. I ate a very long time. I’m still eating. I get publishing checks monthly, quarterly. You know what I’m saying? So, it wasn’t hard.

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