Mistah F.A.B needs $30K To battle Arsonal?

Mistah F.A.B has decided that he wants $30,000 for people to see him battle Arsonal.

After seeing mainstream artist, Joe Budden step into the lion’s den, Mistah F.A.B. wants to follow and battle with Arsonal. During his 5 Fingers of Death freestyle with Sway in the Morning, Mistah Fab revealed his desire to battle Arsonal towards the end of his rap.

Mistah F.A.B said “I need 30 G’s now if a nigga wanna see me battle young Arsonal.”

Is Mistah F.A.B nervous about going up against Arsonal? Is that why he needs the $30,000 just to battle him? If F.A.B. is willing to step into the ring, the fans will certainly be ready to throw shots, if he isn’t fully prepared.

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