Miami Rapper Bizzle Killed In Shooting

Miami rapper Bizzle, whose real name is Robert Labranche, was killed in a shooting outside a Miami car washing business Monday night (October 15), witnesses have told NBC 6 South Florida. Labranche was 37 years old.

Police say the murder occurred Monday night at around 7:30 PM at 770 NW 54th St.

“He would not let you starve. He would not leave you in the street,” one of Bizzle’s neighbors, Rod Parker said, noting that the slain rapper would always try to help absolutely anyone in need.

Police are searching for a black male suspect in his 20s. He fled the scene of the crime wearing all black.

The victim’s relatives crossed the caution tape at the scene. Police had to use force to restrain them. “Emotions were very high,” Miami police spokesman Detective Willie Moreno said.

“This is someone that was definitely loved, not just by his family, but by his community,” Moreno said of the victim.

Detective Moreno has requested that Bizzle’s family and friends respect the police department’s needs to gather all the evidence necessary in finding his killer.

The rapper leaves behind a son and daughter who are both under 10. They were with their father at the car wash during the shooting. He got out of his SUV and argued with a man who eventually shot and killed him. The children remained inside the vehicle.

“Fortunately they did not see the actual incident,” Moreno said.

They are currently being cared for by other family members.

Bizzle was known for local hits such as Lip Biting Animal and Naked Hustle.

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