Masters of Songwriting

Have you ever wondered why some songwriters make a fortune, while others make nothing?

First, go through all of the songs you’ve ever written and ask yourself this simple question. How much have I earned on each one? $500,000? $100,000? How about $250? Maybe $25? Nothing?! 

I wouldn’t mind betting some of your songs are better than good.  Some even outstanding with gut wrenching lyrics, and beautifully complimented melodies and chord structures so nicely arranged they could easily better the most successful earning songs out there today – and yet haven’t earned you a red cent. Why?? How come?? Where did it all go wrong??

Here are a couple facts that are important for you to realize:

• FACT: 96.3% of songs will never make a penny!
• FACT: 97.7% of songwriters will never write a commercially successful song!
• FACT: The truth is, You, and other songwriters are wasting your time, energy and talent – because you are failing to use a certain technique – a really simple technique known and used everyday by top professional songwriters to establish their songs and make huge royalites around the world.

If you like writing songs as a hobby, that’s fine – I wish you well. If, on the other hand you’re someone who wants to make songwriting pay BIG TIME – then, don’t you think it’s about time you did something about it?

Think I’m mistaken? Carry on as you are – then, in a year or five from now, check to see if your situation has changed.  Or, you can do something about it right now!

• FACT: Most songwriters are actually closer to success than they realize!!

You don’ t have to be Einstein – or reinvent the wheel. All you really need, is to learn a few simple techniques – the same simple techniques used and enjoyed by some of the most successful songwriters of all time.  These same amazingly simple techniques that have made them millions over and over, can by yours to use in the next few minutes!

MASTERS OF SONGWRITING, is the one book to provide that information.

This is not just another instruction guide on how to write and market songs.  It will actually change the way you think and approach songwriting FOREVER!

MASTERS OF SONGWRITING is the culmination of four decades of eating, sleeping, dreaming and conquering the music industry – not once, but hundreds of times over. This is no fluke – the hard work really has been done for you. If you apply the methods and techniques provided in this book, simple as they are to follow – you can soon be numbered amongst the most successful songwriters in the world.

Click Here! And change the way you write songs forever.

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