Lil’ Kim Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Lil’ Kim is rap royalty, so it makes sense that she gave her daughter a name befitting a princess.

Royal Reign, Kim’s first child, born on Monday at 9:58am. We received word from Kim’s rep that she gave birth to the 6-pound, 5 ounce baby at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey.

In lieu of a baby gift, we present the new mom with our list of the Top 5 Lil’ Kim songs she should never play as lullabies for her new baby:

1. “Magic Stick” : Kids enjoy magic tricks, not sticks

2. “The Jump Off” : Never a good idea to tell kids to jump off anything

3. “Crush On You” : We may have seen her on the video and heard her on the radio, but her lil’ baby shouldn’t do the same.

4. “Lighters Up” : Kids shouldn’t play with fire.

5.  ”Big Momma Thang” : The first three lines of the first verse will explain far too soon how her momma became a momma.

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