Kelly Rowland Speaks On First Single From Upcoming Album

Posted: Monday – May 10, 2010

After the flop of R&B singer Kelly Rowland’s second album, she has changed up her look and sound for the lead single Commander which will appear on her upcoming third album. The video, which was directed by Masashi Muto, features Rowland in a custom-made wardrobe and five inch heels showing off her new moves taught to her by choreographer Fatima Robinson.

“The whole concept is very futuristic, very cool. It’s about me being the commander above anything, but it adds a different element of a club atmosphere — a very big atmosphere with very cool people. I’m battling myself with hair, with makeup, with the routines. I had to pull out my dancing shoes for this video.”

Although the album has yet to receive a title, Kelly Rowland confirmed that she has a track with rapper Nelly and hopes to work with T.I. and Diddy. The album is expected to be due out in mid-September.

Commander was produced by French house producer David Guetta who says fans will be enthralled by her new look and sound.

“Kelly’s look in this video is just utterly sexy. It’s like a jungle feel. I feel like we’re in Avatar somewhere, running through the woods, minus the blue paint.”


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