Jim Jones As A High School Teacher…WHAT?!

Posted: Saturday – March 13, 2010

Jim Jones has announced plans to be an instructor for an eight week course in a New York City High School later this year. According to Jones, he will be overseeing a group of students, and instructing a music class in the near future.

“Yeah, should I make them call me Mr. Jones? I’ll be teaching for eight weeks, I’ll be teaching a real curriculum, right now they’re actually going back and forth with the Board of Education to see what goes on and sh*t. I fully don’t know the whole logistics of everything — it’s definitely going to be fun…I’ma have to go home the weekend before and write out my lessons — this will be the funniest class you can go to and sh*t but you gonna learn a lot. We all went to school, n*ggas didn’t like homework, but we knew every single song that was out. Word for word, ad libs, all that…I think they’ll get this common sense. Music 101 I guess [is the course title.] I’ve done music business since I was a teenager, I had major executive positions, I’ve been successful as an artist and successful as a label, we’ve been successful as a movement.” Jim said in an interview with RapRadar.

Jones has left Columbia Records and will release his next album on E1 Music, formerly known as Koch Records. In addition, the Dipset rapper will drop a mixtape via E1 Music and he was appointed the Vice President of Urban A&R. Jim has a long history with E1 Music, and he continues to build his resume with the company.

“The A&R gig is really good,” Jones stated. “We’ve got a lot going on over there. I’ve got a new artist called Dorrough. His songs are doing pretty good across the country. Webstar did a duet album with me that’s got Dancing On Me. D-Block just dropped an album. Shout out to DJ Khaled too. They’ve got a strong roster. They recognize all the money I’ve made them and all of the moves I’ve made throughout the years over the course of our relationship. They understand the way I have to work. Freedom is definitely a must for me to get the best quality of product that’s usually a hit…I’m starting to prepare to record the next album. I’m finishing up the Webstar album Roof Top right now. I will be putting out my next LP hopefully around Christmas time.”

Furthermore the Harlem rapper talks about hustling and grinding in the Hip-Hop game to achieve your goals that is missing in the current urban music industry.

“This is hustling music. I just remember the days when n*ggas used to love to hustle. What we did as Diplomats, as a whole, me, Cam, Juelz, Freekey, we’re one of the last of the Mohicans for Harlem, upholding that thing,” Jones made clear.

“We bring a lot to the table as far as the fame and the history as of recent and in the last decade. That’s ‘Us’ up there, holla at us. We got equal share to that, we feel like we harder when it comes to the streets, you don’t see too much of us often. So get a good look at us like I’ve been saying. [laughs] Life is a hustle to me, I’m a hustler, man. Hustle is just about getting money man. It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re hustling. I’m going for mines. Right now I’ve been doing music. I’ve been doing entertainment.”


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