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Why Playing Poker Can Help

It’s Friday night and many Berliners are spending their hard earned money on attending Berghain’s dubstep nights. As the DJ plays his dub gems, one can’t help but wonder where did he get these tunes from? Music enthusiasts and musicians will take painstaking efforts just to find music worthy of their playlists. Although it’s relatively easy to be knowledgeable about any kind of music nowadays (thanks to sites like Gutta World and The Source), it’s only a matter of finding out where to get new music. But the most unlikely places are treasure troves of information and the best place to discover some of the freshest hip-hop can be from online poker rooms.

Poker players usually listen to music especially when they’re immersed in an intense game. This helps them concentrate even more and they also often use this as a smart tactic in order to fool their opponents that they’re detached from the game. The best German professional poker players out there such as Pius Heinz are always tuned in their mp3 players and PartyPoker recently blogged about Jared Tendler’s latest book, The Mental Game of Poker 2, where he advised that there are really no hard rules when it comes to listening to music as long as it helps the player focus during a game. Listening to music can certainly affect anyone’s poker game as it alters the player’s mood drastically and one can definitely use this to his or her advantage in terms of promoting music for free. When it comes to poker forums, this is a good opportunity to disseminate and plug information while at the same time exchanging valuable hip-hop sources too. Although there are rules when it comes to promoting and plugging sites or mixtapes, it’s better to be aware that a nondescript link or a tasteful banner can lure people more to the music site as opposed to spamming all these poker forums.

Think of it as a give and take situation. When one plays poker and gets friendly with the other players online, from there, making a genuine connection with the others can also open new doors and opportunities. Who knows, a poker buddy might also be this great hip hop DJ from Berlin’s Cookies club and we all know that collaborations are important in escalating hip hop careers. By also keeping an open mind and allowing valuable feedback, this can help establish a hard working image that can also encourage others to do collaborations as well. Finally, a brand new website can help re-energize any hip hop production or artist. It’s also best to invest in some good web design and sites like Sidengo, and can build websites easily without any coding needed.

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