Does Cash Money’s Oil Company Really Exist???

Posted: Monday – February 15, 2010

Birdman has made it no secret that he is making sure he has his hands in several business ventures, but the validity of one is now coming under question.

In a published Bloomberg article, Bronald Oil & Gas LLC may not exist. According to the article, when Bloomberg attempted to contact Bronald Oil & Gas LLC, to discuss the new venture from a business aspect, they were unsuccessful.

As previously reported by Hip-Hop Wired, Brian “Birdman/ Baby” Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams and business partners formed Bronald Oil & Gas Company, playing off their first names Bryan and Ronald.

According to a press release sent out by The Cash Money Millionaires, their oil company expands their business ventures to various states including their home state of Louisiana, Osage County, Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida and hope to find “environmentally friendly” energy resources.

Stirring up questions, Bloomberg reported,

“As for what Bronald is doing in the oil and natural-gas business, the Williams brothers declined through their publicist, Kia Selby, to comment. Selby said she was unable to provide information about the oil company. Bronald doesn’t have a listed telephone number. Numbers for residences in New Orleans and Florida that are linked to Bronald in state records don’t take incoming calls.”

Haven’t they heard that bad boys move in silence? In addition to being unable to verbally contact anyone at Bronald Oil & Gas LLC, Bloomberg decided to contact partners with the oil company to discuss how the partnership took place.

According to Bronald Oil & Gas LLC, the business supplies oil to major states in the industry including Oklahoma, but when the press contacted Jim Capral, a leader in Oklahoma’s oil industry and head of Chaparral Energy Inc., he stated that he had never heard of nor partnered with Bronald Oil & Gas LLC.

According to Bloomberg, records go onto further state that records in Oklahoma list the address of the headquarters for Bronald Oil & Gas LLC as a beach front condo in Florida, a New Orleans residence was listed for Bronald with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

The Williams brothers are listed as Bronald’s officers in those filings. Regulators that handle oil and gas permits and operator licenses in Texas and Louisiana didn’t have records of Bronald’s existence; nor did Secretary of State Offices in Texas and Florida.

Now we’re pretty sure Baby didn’t get a tattoo on his head for something that doesn’t exist but we’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, learn more about Bronald Oil at


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