DJ Drama – Gangsta Grillz: Vol. 2

Posted: Tuesday – May 26, 2009

DJ Drama aka Barack O’Drama presents audiences with round two of his Gangsta Grillz series and presents on this album undertones of political issues and the daily politics of hoes, dough and keeping fresh all while having time to watch the news.

While it’s seemingly impressive that the hip hop world is taking notice of the press for their newsworthy reports, Drama also gets points for staying true to his underground background. With artists such as La The Darkman and Willie The Kid making noise on the album, they prove that their presence on the tracks is definitely kin of being mainstream worthy.

Willie The Kid, accompanied with the likes of Ludacris and Busta Rhymes on We Must Be Heard, is an example of the aforementioned. Talks of dealing with war tragedy, being clad with medals, stripes and ski masks and preparing for change are the central concepts of the track.

Love For Money is a highlight on the album. Trey Songz provides the catchy melodic chores while an all-star collaboration of mainstream’s Flo Rida, Yung Joc, Bun B and Gucci Mane do work. Keyboards and synths heavily populate as we listen about the lavish things in life that money can acquire us to have.

Nothing like exposing how much one can possibly make a woman sweat in areas where it’s questionable to even think that the clear residue is sweat than on a track appropriately called Sweat. Ray J covers the singing and sexiness while Fabolous and La The Darkman have the task of enlightening audiences with their flow. This R&B-esque track is another highlight on the album.

Gangsta Grillz: Vol 2 is a great showcase of maintaining a balance of pleasing the mainstream and underground audiences of hip hop. Being able to get Nas and Scarface on a track together is pretty dope. What’s even doper than that is reuniting B.G. and Juvenile. So DJ Drama, I support you and approve of your message sent via Gangsta Grillz: Vol 2.

- By Jeremy Carmona

Source: Yoraps

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