D’Angelo Speaks On The State Of Music & His Return

Posted: Saturday – June 26, 2010

Speculation over singer D’Angelo’s return to the music industry has been spread over the Internet for some time now without too much input from the singer himself, but during a recent interview, he confirmed that his return is imminent and said that he is currently in the studio working on music.

“I just want [fans] to know that I’m coming. That’s all. I’m in the kitchen and I’m cooking up something real nice,” D’Angelo said.

While he didn’t want to go into too much information about the music he is working on, he did share what some of his current inspirations are. Mentioning a newfound interest in 70’s group Black Merde and a “bubbling” underground that is dabbling in music that doesn’t fall in the stereotypical category of “Black music,” he sounded fairly pleased with some of the sounds he has been hearing from a few contemporary artists.

“Black Merda’s from 1969 or 1970 and they were on Chess Records. I’m also listening to sh*t like Rick James, The Bar-Kays…These guys were like black rock & roll,” said D’Angelo.

“There’s a lot of folks, people in power, record executives or what have you, that are less willing to take chances on shit that might be different. But I think there’s an underground bubbling up under. A lot of Black folks are trying to do different shit or they wanna do different shit. I don’t know the condition of what’s going on in the business right now, but they’re having a hard time cracking through.”


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