Chuck D Opens Up On Two 2012 Albums

Public Enemy’s Chuck D spoke recently about his group’s two planned album releases for 2012.

In an interview with Billboard, Chuck offered an explanation behind Public Enemy’s decision to drop two albums this year. Earlier in the 2012, if was announced that the LPs will be entitled Most Of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp and The Evil Empire of Everything.

Chuck explained that the albums work together thematically. Most Of My Heroes will explore the idea of people rising up together, whilst The Evil Empire deals with the problematic relationship between people and institutions of the state.

“They’re twins, fraternal twins — not identical, but they will talk to each other,” Chuck said. “The statement with these albums isn’t so much just within the content but in the audacity of the release, just like, ‘What the hell? Two albums that bookend the summer? What the hell?!’ But we know we’ve got a fan base that’s kind of acclimated and used to albums because we were the first to come along and kind of bring a concept album to the Hip Hop marketplace. So we oblige this year by doing not one, but two.”

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