A Kaotik Explosion, The Interview With David Jones


The cool thing is that we are going to revolutionize the studio environment because the first studio is just a recording studio and the one that we are building this summer is actually called Kaotik Music Group Enterprises. And what that’s going to be is a full blown community designated towards that are coming from all over the place to record. They are actually going to have a facility where they can stay, as far as three master hotel rooms that are like big suites. Also onsite there will be an in ground swimming pool, there will be a baseball field, there will be a bunch of different things that artists can get their creativity and be able to have fun while creating their masterpiece at the same time and at the same location.

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Diamond Soul Management Keeps The Grooves of African Hip Hop Flowing Across The Atlantic!

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Quickly Emerging As The Russell Simmons of African Hip Hop, Industry Visionary Emmett Hill’s Company Launches Its U.S. Branding Of Artists From Ghana, Nigeria and Other African Nations On ‘The United States of Blood Diamonds,’ A Mixtape Collection Hosted By DJ Whiteowl. Hey American hip-hop fans–time to expand your horizons and check out the sounds and flows comin’ at ya, bringing you some of Africa’s biggest hip-hop celebrities. In the same way the British Invasion transformed rock and roll in the 60s, the explosive influx of superstar artists from countries like Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa is about to change the hip-hop game in America both artistically and commercially.

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GUTTA WORLD had the chance to hook up with Young Money’s Gudda Gudda for an exclusive in depth interview. Getting the word on the true Gudda Gudda, everything from the success of his debut mix tape Guddaville and the launch of Back 2 Guddaville, to him hustlin’ to make it in the rap game and who really influenced him to become the rapper we blowin’ our speakers up with to now. I probably realized that maybe like ten years ago. Basically I use to be on the road wit Lil’Wayne a lot, I use to just travel wit him. And he wanted to start his own record company and basically he was looking for a bunch of artists and he found a couple of artists from out in the city in New Orleans ya know what I mean, and during that process he was like man why don’t you just try and write raps, ya know. He’s like you got a lot to talk about and you’ve been through a lot, he’s like why don’t you just try and write raps and try an make something, so I was like aight. So I tried it out and we started puttin mixed tapes out and I started to build a buzz for myself. And the rest is history.

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INTERVIEW: Jala Shay Doin’ Her Thang!


Well I’ve been a model since the age of three. I started out modeling with Ford Models in Chicago. When I was about six years old, my mom discovered that I could sing because I was singing in my bedroom one day and she was listening by my door. And as soon as she found out that I could sing, she put me and my brother in local talent shows at his high school, and ever since then that’s when we’ve been trying to pursue my career in singing. I act also; I’ve been in the movie Lottery Ticket, Mean Girls 2, Big Momma’s House 3. I’ve done a lot of print and runways, commercials for JC Penny, Macys and things like that. And I’ve done a lot of music videos also.

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Bucy On The Grind


I’m from Macomb IL, it’s not big at all 22,000 people the home of Western IL University so it’s hard to be heard and stuff around here and really my music connects, I try n make it connect with a huge wide fun base because I think it is the best thing to do and just because I’m a fan first and artist second. I just love the music and that’s why I do it. I don’t care about the money or anything; I kind of just want to heard. Just kind of prove to people you can do what you love if you just pursue it because coming here I’m from I mean no one around here has ever made it in the music industry really, so but I think I’m doin’ pretty good so far.

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Gutta World touched down with southern country boy rapper J Fareal. With an all new video blowin’ up the web and worldwide fans spreading the word about his one of a kind county swag, we found out about what J Fareal really has going on and what to expect in the near future. If you haven’t heard of him….now you have! Well my brother snuck home the Dr. Dre Chronic album whenever I was nine years old and I knew we weren’t suppose to listen to it, but after he snuck it home I stole the cassette tape from him and listen to it all the way through and wrote down every word that Dr. Dre said throughout the album. So I had my little notebook at nine years old and I had the whole album memorized from front to back and that’s where it all started.

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