Casey Johnson’s Fam Tells Attention Whoring Tila To Kick Rocks

Posted: Monday – January 11, 2010

Tila “Attention Whore Extraordinaire” Tequila is pissed that she didn’t get an invitation to attend her late fiancée’s burial service.

Casey Johnson was buried yesterday and Tila wasn’t invited to say farewell. Tila said this yesterday:

“Yes her funeral is today and I can’t even see my wife for the last time to say goodbye to her and see her. It’s breaking my heart… I’m crying so bad, they are horrible, mean people. Sure, one day I can visit her grave but I will never ever get to see her face again to say goodbye and kiss her before they bury her. I can’t talk about this now it’s making me cry.”

Hmmm… we wonder why?


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