A112GGA Gets Back At Repo Man [VIDEO]

This shit is hilarious! One of A112GGA’s artists gets their car taken by the repo man.  So in return, A112GGA gets back at the repo lot! Watch the video below to see what happens… then comment and let us know what you think!

The A112GGA represents artists ranging from music, film, paint, artistic stunt art, digital art, sculpture, street art, dance and everything in between.

AREA 112 represents the music and film. GRIME GANG are the artists and supporters in a whole. There are many GRIME GANG members, some that aren’t artists, but represent the cause.

An American conglomerate of Rap Artists. The group is led by artist LUVELLI, and includes rappers O.G. JAMIN, KNOC-TURN’AL, SLIME BALLA, GRIMNASTY, YUNG MEEZE, TMACATOLA (more artists to be listed soon) and other non-musical members.


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