50 Cent Explains True Reason For Meeting Chelsea Handler

Posted: Thursday – October 21, 2010

Rap star 50 Cent has revealed the reason for meeting with TV personality Chelsea Handler during a recent interview with E! Online today (October 21st).

According 50 Cent, the pair met about an upcoming movie featuring Chelsea Handler titled This Means War that due in theaters in 2011 and co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine.

While 50 Cent was scant on details, he revealed the meeting came about after he secured a $200 million film deal with his Cheetah Films partner Randall Emmet and Lionsgate.

“We actually was talking about a film project,” 50 Cent said. “She’s working on a movie now with McG called This Means War. And we spoke, you know, so, because I just did the Lionsgate deal. I’ve been sitting with different people talking about film projects.”

The rapper also shot down the intense speculation that he was dating Handler, after the pair were seen out dining at a restaurant in New Orleans.

“I’m not gonna answer that question!” 50 Cent said of the comediane “I’m not dating her. Yeah I did send her flowers [after the VMAs] … why not?”

50 Cent’s Cheetah Films announced a new deal worth $200 million deal that calls for the rap star’s film company to produce four to five films per year, at around $20 million.

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